North Shore Streamkeepers Meeting March 15, 2017

North Shore Streamkeepers Meeting March 15, 2017
7:30pm North Vancouver District Hall

Download as a pdf.
Present: Barbara Frisken (chair), Janet Dysart (secretary)

Regrets: Doug Hayman, Jan Lander, Zo Ann

Attendance: 18 people


  • Monitor DNV Council agenda for presentation/discussion about ISMP
  • Volunteer opportunity – Module 2 study of MacKay, Mosquito, Hastings and McCartney in August. Please contact Zo Ann if you are interested in helping.
  • Volunteer opportunity – monitoring for juveniles in Lynn Creek off-channel habitat. Please contact Jan if you are interested in helping.


  • March 18, 2017 – NSSK Workshop “Stormwater Impacts Communities and Creeks – What Can We Do?”, Lynn Valley Community Room.
  • March 22, 2017 – Mackay Creek Series/ Wild New Territories Book Launch at the CNV Public Library
  • April 8, 2017 – Hunter Park weed pull and planting
  • April 14, 2017 – Good Friday, Good Weeding, Maplewood Cr Park
  • April 22, 2017 – Earth Day at Mahon Park, 12 to 4pm (no invasive removal, just planting)
  • 2017 Streamkeeper training NV – dates TBA
  • May 17, 2017 – NSSK AGM Note: New start time 7:00 pm!!
  • May 19-21, 2017 – SEP Community Workshop, in Quesnel, BC
  • June 25, 2017 – Save Our Shores, Strathcona Park
  • July 15, 2017 – Canada Day at Mollie Nye House

Municipal Updates – District of North Vancouver (Richard Boase)

  • Lower Mackay Creek dike, drawings continue to be revised working toward 75% complete drawings.  It is still to be determined what the official DNV/CNV approval process or Council involvement will look like.
  • Montroyal – Mosquito Creek Bridge replacement will start this summer
  • Seymour River Dike Conceptual Design planning has begun and will be incorporated into the Maplewood Land use plan
  • Inter River Park retaining wall project is beginning along dike road.  The project involves a 6m high lock block wall for future retention of clean municipal fill generated by DNV infrastructure renewal projects.
  • Argyle school replacement project with the Kilmer Creek daylighting component is continuing.
  • Maplewood Creek culvert replacement at Riverside Dr. will be done this summer.

Municipal Updates – City of North Vancouver (Angela Negenman)

Mahon Native Plant Garden Revitalization – Saturday, March 25, 2017 from 9 am-12 pm. Join the Evergreen City Park Stewards in refurbishing the demonstration garden next to the playground in Mahon Park – removing invasive plants and pruning the native plants that have been planted in the past. A planning workshop will be incorporated into this event.

Celebrate Earth Day in Mahon Park Native Plant Demonstration Garden – Saturday, April 22, 2017 from 12-4 pm at Mahon Park (adjacent to the waterpark and Fen Burdett Artificial Turf Field, near 18th and Jones Avenue). Join the City of North Vancouver and Evergreen to celebrate Earth Day an help us plant native trees and shrubs in the revitalization of the native plant demonstration garden. The City invites the NSSK to join in the Earth Day festivities. More details to come as they are available.

Green Necklace Jones to Grand Boulevard – The City is currently planning the next sections of the Green Necklace trail system. These will link the Jones Avenue section of the Green Necklace (built in 2014) with the section currently being constructed along Grand Boulevard Park. The City has divided the consultation, design and construction process for the proposed route into two sections, Jones to Lonsdale and Lonsdale to Grand Boulevard. Phase 1 is Jones to Lonsdale with construction on 21st, including upgrading of the bridge across Wagg Creek. Please share your thoughts on the proposed Preliminary Design by filling out the Online Questionnaire by Thursday March 16th at 4:30pm. For more information on the project please go to

Bewicke – Site Preparation for Landscaping – Follow up cleanup of historical debris from previously used storage area (adjacent to the culvert replacement area) is nearing completion by CNV Operations, with drainage improvement works remaining. By spring 2017, the Shore development is anticipated to complete the habitat planting in this area, which is the last remaining invasive removal and native plant planting associated with the 3rd Street bridge over Mosquito Creek.

Integrated Stormwater Management Plan – The City’s report to update Council was brought forward to Council on March 6 and the following resolution was supported by Council. To view the report or Council video, please go to

City-Wide Integrated Stormwater Management Plan – File: 11-5225-16-0001/1

Report: Design Engineer, Infrastructure, March 1, 2017


PURSUANT to the report of the Design Engineer, Infrastructure, dated March 1, 2017, entitled “City-Wide Integrated Stormwater Management Plan”:

THAT the City of North Vancouver’s Integrated Stormwater Management Plan be adopted and referred to staff for implementation;


AND THAT infill accessory residential units, such as coach houses, be exempted from stormwater management requirements.


Municipal Reports – District of North Vancouver (Tyler Farley, Trail and Habitat Coordinator)

Maplewood Creek Park
– Box culverts to improve fish passage have settled in nicely and have naturalized to the rest of the creek.
– UBC first year biology has recently contributed over 130 students for an assignment where they were doing invasive species removals as well as native species planting. Students were led on an ecological tour of the site but then pulled invasive species and planted natives.
– April 14: Good Friday Good Weeding. Public invasive species removal and native species planting event. All ages welcome and would greatly appreciate the word being spread.
– Grant application sent in to Trees Canada for $4500 worth of trees to restore site after invasive removal. All species are native stock.
– Full restoration will be a multi year project that will be heavily reliant on volunteer engagement. Stream adjacent works will be delayed until other park areas are first dealt with. Will try to use the expertise of Seymour Salmonid Society.
Kilmer Basin
–  65 BCIT students from Fish wildlife and recreation program and Forest and natural areas management program have worked to create a new and sustainable trail in the area. They contributed to planting and soil stabilization.
– Scouts Canada will be planting 1000+ cedar saplings in the area. Cedars have been generously donated by Canfor.
– DNV carpenters are currently working on the new bridge and boardwalk. They will meet provincial creek crossing standards. Expected to be finished in April.
– DNV Erika will be overseeing a former restoration adjacent to the old construction site.
DNV Trail Crew
– Summer crew to improve various hiking trails mostly on Fromme Mountain but will be flexible to work on trail improvements on other ‘natural parkland’ trails.
– Focus will be on improving trails adjacent to riparian areas and contributing to better erosion control and water management
Fromme Bridges
– In order to come in line with provincial creek crossing regulations 3-4 bridges are expected to be upgraded or rebuilt over Mission and Thain Creek this summer. They will be along Dreamweaver and Executioner trails. Run-outs will be set back 5 m from top of bank.
– Goal is to reduce erosion and hopefully prevent hiker, biker, and dog intrusion into riparian areas, thus reducing stream sedimentation.

DFO Community Advisor updates (Sandie Hollick-Kenyon)

  • Registration package is out for Workshop 2017 in Quesnel BC, you can register online at:

  • Wild Salmon Policy Open House March 16, 2017

Please join Fisheries and Oceans Canada for a Public Open House in Vancouver on development of an updated Wild Salmon Policy implementation plan.  We greatly appreciate your help in circulating the attached notice through your networks.

Date:  Thursday, March 16, 2017 

Time:  6:30 pm– 8:30 pm – WebEx starting at 7:00 pm

Place: Gallery Room (1.15), UBC Robson Square, 800 Robson St., Vancouver

Please send your RVSP to

  • Burrard Inlet Water Quality meeting January 31st. Tsleil Waututh Nation is taking the lead on updating the water quality parameters with the Provincial Government and collecting data and reports relating to the area.  More info can be found here:

  • Lynn Creek off-channel meeting at BCIT. Outcome: Al Jonsson, DFO Restoration Engineer worked with NSSK to submit a funding application to Pacific Salmon Foundation.
  • Sockeye Workshop at Harrison BC with participants from Pacific Northwest USA, Canada and Alaska. Video and presentations to be posted on YouTube soon.
  • Education and Environmental Art (Ron den Daas raised funds and organized) workshops ran on Mackay in February and March on Mackay Creek in North Van.

Member Updates:

Friends of Hunter Park (Janet Dysart) Next Hunter Park weed pull and planting is on Saturday April 8, 2017, with Megan Cooper DNV, please join us.

Upper MacKay Creek (Ron Den Daas)

  • First Coho Fry are coming out of the gravel in Upper Mackay Creek
  • Local residents are wondering if the DNV is planning to do something related to the landslide near the Sunnycrest exit on Upper Mackay Creek
  • Chum fry release March 23rd at 6pm Mackay Creek Hatchery, always well attended
  • Two new murals are being developed for the Coho ‘Discovery Day’ Workshop 2017. One 100’ x 30’ mural at Bodwell School beside Mackay Creek Esturary and the other 10’ x 24’ mural at The Seymour Hatchery on the Seymour River both aimed at engaging community in protecting and enhancing creeks and salmon hbitat.
  • Link to recent doc for reference
  • Mackay Creek Series/ Wild New Territories Book Launch at the CNV Public Library on March 22nd, 2017 plus ‘gala’ book launch event at Smith Gallery on Lonsdale May 25th 2017

MacKay Creek (Brian Comey)

27,000 Chum salmon fry are being fed in the large hatchery tub. To be released Thursday March 23rd at 6pm. A team of NS Fish and Game Club volunteers and Sandie (DFO) have supported the eggs to the fry stage.

March 7 to 15th Sparks released Chum salmon into the creek. I have removed most of the bird nesting boxes between Roosevelt & Welch St. None of these boxes were used by birds.

McCartney Creek (Glen Parker)

  1. McCartney Creek – spring trapping planned to confirm spawning above Mt Seymour Parkway culvert.
  2. Grant requests for Lynn Creek enhancement project were submitted with letters of support from BCIT and DNV. Both have committed to $5000 and significant in kind work. Port of Vancouver has responded and committed to a $9000 cash grant. Only PSF grant is outstanding and $21,000 of $30,000 for the project has been funded. Thanks to Port of Vancouver from identifying this project for NSSK.
  3. Arbour-Lynn creek/outfall being investigated for a sediment trap/wetland project. Thanks to DNV (Richard) for identifying this project. Zo Ann to do some aquatic life sampling as a proxy for water quality.
  4. Barbara, Zo Ann and I met with Highways (MoTI) on the new overpass that will impact Keith Creek and MoTI has agreed to engage NSSK in the design of the relocated Keith Creek.
  5. Thanks to NSSK from the Save Our Shores Society for agreeing to set up a booth at Strathcona Park on June 25 during the annual low tide walk from Cates Park to Deep Cove.

Mosquito Creek (Keegan Cassidy)

Eagerly waiting to see any signs of Coho Fry emerging from a redd identified on Griffin Channel.

No signs of life yet, could be due to the cold winter thus far.

Also, heavy rains accompanied by high storm drain events showed evidence that a redd in the main stem of the creek (above the intake to the Fell Channel), had broken free. A handful of eyed eggs had washed up on shore, all with white patches so they must not have survived the freezing cold overnight. The eggs were then placed back into the creek.

Fry trappings set for April 4th & 5th with Sandie.

I also created a blogging website for Mosquito Creek.

And a YouTube Channel

Permits (Bob Gelling)

Between January 2016 and November 2016 there were 644 development permits, and 116 demolition permits.

Treasurers Update: (Karen Munro) – Balance as of March 1 was 9306.18

Education Fund (sale of Mackay Creek Series book) $1760

Changes since Jan meeting

  • $70 Membership
  • $183.85 Lantern walk donation
  • $100 Lynn Valley Community Assoc (for Stormwater workshop)
  • $500 PSF for Stormwater workshop

No expenses from Jan 1 to March 1



Date is March 18, 2017 at Lynn Valley Community Room. The objective of this workshop is to provide up to date information to participants on the topic and to support both NV City and District in their planning of the ISMP. There will be 2 speakers followed by breakout sessions to allow participants to be involved in the discussion. Please sign up on Eventbrite on

G3 Grain Terminal and Port Metro Vancouver – (Glen Parker)

G3 – ongoing contact and a positive relationship developing.

NEW BUSINESS – (Barbara Frisken):

Next meeting will be our AGM. Al Jonnson, DFO, has agreed to come and give a short talk to members. We have asked him to talk about the ingredients of good, small-scale in-stream projects.

We will have an election for board members at the AGM. If you would like to be involved, please let me know. Current board members are willing to continue, but we have the option to add members-at-large who would like to take more of a role, perhaps taking on a particular task in the organization.

Module 2 studies in August

MacKay, Mosquito, Hastings, McCartney

Module 2 – Advanced Stream Habitat Survey

Useful for identifying problems, such as increased erosion due to high flows

Plan is to spend a week during low flow in August, with refresher/training on the weekend, followed by systematic study of these four creeks during the week

Each site will require 2-3 volunteers

Lynn off-channel habitat –  Juvenile monitoring

Monitor current pools monthly, so that we can see whether the off-channel work improves habitat, number of fish etc.

Measure oxygen and temperatures

Note volunteers working in streams should be members, and should wear a streamkeeper vest.

We are planning a short presentation to council showing photos of construction sites. If you have any showing muddy runoff, broken or poorly installed catch basins, please send them to me.

NEXT MEETING – Wednesday, May 17th – 7:00 to 9:00 pm, please note new start time, District Hall, 355 West Queens Road, North Vancouver


A SPILL OF ANY TYPE Environment Canada – use EMBC number below

EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT B.C. – 1-800-663-3456

CITY OF NV – Operations Division 604-987-7155 (8 am – 4:30 pm Monday to Friday) or After-Hours Emergency Line 604-988-2212 (after 4:30pm, weekends & Holidays).

District of North Vancouver –  to respond to public concerns about construction practices and ESC concerns

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