North Shore Streamkeepers Meeting January 16, 2017

Present: Barbara Frisken (chair), Janet Dysart (secretary)

Regrets: Marc Guimond, Brian Comey, Zo Ann Morten, Bob Gelling, Tyler Farley

Attendance: 18 people


  • Contact Tyler Farley (DNV) and Angela Negenman (CNV) regarding habitat signage (see below)
  • Communicate concerns about the impact of dikes on riparian habitat to government agencies


  • World Wetlands Day, February 2, 2017 at DNV 7.30 to 9.30pm
  • McKay Creek wetland cleanup 10 am to 1 pm Feb 4, 2017
  • February 15, 2017 is the closing date for the next Community Salmon Program (PSF) funding round
  • SEHAB meeting February 24 to 26, 2017
  • NSSK Workshop “Stormwater Impacts Communities and Creeks – What Can We Do?” Saturday March 18th 2017, Lynn Valley Community Room.
  • Mackay Creek Series/ Wild New Territories Book Launch at the CNV Public Library on March 22nd, 2017
  • April 8th 2017, Hunter Park weed pull and planting
  • Earth Day at Mahon Park, April 22nd, 12 to 4pm
  • 2017 Streamkeeper training NV – dates TBA
  • 2017 SEP Community Workshop May 19, 20, 21 in Quesnel, BC

Municipal Updates – District of North Vancouver (Erica Nassichuk)

World Wetlands Day – February 2, 2017. Event being held at the DNV from 7:30-9:30 pm

Event has been posted by Erika on the NSSK Message Board. Agenda & speakers list shared with the NSSK & everyone is welcome to attend

Mountain Highway Interchange – No new information to share

Maplewood – DNV is investigating the possibility of created a new stream in the Maplewood area as a result of ongoing Environmental work. Feasibility of this new channel is being looked into; will update as we get more information

Seylynn Park – Bridge from Hunter Street – Installation of a new pedestrian bridge from Hunter Street across into Bridgeman Park is being proposed; conceptual plan only, more details to follow

Argyle Secondary – Details are being discussed at a high level; more details to follow

MacKay Dike (comments provide with input from Angela Negenman) – 50% drawings have been submitted to the DNV and CNV. Major changes involve replacing the previously detailed dike wall with a traditional dike along Hamilton and in some places adjacent to the Tennis Centre. Changes are the result of cost issues. Once we receive 80-90% drawings, we will host a special meeting with the NSSK and both Environment and Engineering departments (DNV and CNV) to allow the NSSK to provide comments

The riparian area net loss/net gain calculation has not been done; Erika will look into finding this value based on the current set of drawings and will communicate the answer to this question when possible to the NSSK

Members comments: a) how much riparian zone would be gained or lost? Erika said she would ask for numbers.  b) was the dike-building authority in the provincial government talking to the environmental authority about this issue? c) Fish-bearing stream is being sacrificed in order to adhere to a particular style of flood-protection solution. Barbara to follow up with communication of concerns to government parties.

Construction site issues (ongoing) – If emails are not getting through to please notify Erika at 604.990.2429 or by email at

Our team is responding to all sediment and erosion control complaints about Single Family Construction sites; please continue to let us know if you see sites that are not compliant with our bylaws

Municipal Updates – City of North Vancouver (Angela Negenman)

Earth Day Invitation – Earth Day in the City of North Vancouver will be held on Saturday, April 22 from 12 – 4pm at Mahon Park (adjacent to the waterpark and Fen Burdett Artificial Turf Field, near 18th and Jones Avenue. The City invites the NSSK to join in the Earth Day festivities. More details to come as they are available.

Spirit Trail on Bewicke from Copping Street to Marine Drive / Site Preparation for Landscaping – The culvert replacement on Wagg Creek at Bewicke Ave (near 2nd Street) is complete. Follow up cleanup of historical debris from previously used storage area (adjacent to the culvert replacement area) is nearing completion by CNV Operations, with drainage improvement works remaining. By spring 2017, the Shore development is anticipated to complete the habitat planting in this area, which is the last remaining invasive removal and native plant planting associated with the 3rd Street bridge over Mosquito Creek.

Integrated Stormwater Management Plan – The City and DNV are still working on the Mackay and Mosquito Creek ISMPs. The City’s report to update Council on the plan has been delayed and will be brought forward in the next month. The plan will mitigate all new impervious services and make efforts to reduce the existing. One goal of the plan is to have source control for 25-30% of the City’s catch basins.

UBC School of Landscape Architecture and Architecturehad a design studio last Fall to create some new visions of rainwater management on the Lot Scale, Neighbourhood Scale and Watershed Scale. The result of the project was a booklet of design ideas. The City is looking for an opportunity for the students and ourselves to present this information to a wider audience. Updates will be provided as available.

DFO Community Advisor updates (Sandie Hollick-Kenyon)

Save the date – SEP Community Workshop May 19, 20, 21 in Quesnel, BC.  Registration package coming soon, refer to the link for more details

Next SEHAB meeting February 24 to 26, 2017, Brian Smith is your area representative if you have concerns to bring forward. Brian can be reached at:

Member Updates:

Hastings Creek (Doug Hayman) Spawner surveys ran from October 29th –Dec 3rd. 3 Coho only seen and survey stopped due to weather. Lots of rain and high creek level. Chum were seen at Hoskins ladder, Tim was a big help with the ladders at Hoskins and Mtn Hwy/Lynn Valley Rd. Jan 16th a spawned out coho was found in Hunter park, quite a surprise.

Friends of Hunter Park (Janet Dysart) Next Hunter Park weed pull and planting is on Saturday April 8, 2017, with Tyler Farley, please join us.

Upper MacKay Creek (Ron Den Daas) Coho Spawner survey ran from Oct. 20 – Dec. 22. In 9 surveys 20 Coho adults were spotted. Some of these sightings could have been Coho seen during the previous week nevertheless more Coho adults were spotted this year than in any previous year. The flashy high waters of the autumn saw repetitive construction site run off events coming into the creek.

A stream walk with a DFO habitat remediation expert in Upper Mackay Creek identified the hydraulic drilling down of the creek bed as an area of concern and a good candidate for a creek restoration project.

Related Mackay Creek activities Six Coho ‘Discovery Day’ Workshops are being offered to local Elementary Schools through Salmonids in the Classroom and Artists for Kids February/ March 2017 showcasing the continuing work on local creeks and the Hatchery in Heywood Park. Pending funding, a new mural project and/ or Banner Project are being developed for 2017. Link to short doc on last years program – 

Based on the workshops developed through NSSK and The Coho Society by DFO Community Advisor Sandie Hollick Kenyon, Biologist Doug Swanston and Artist Ron den Daas a team of young facilitators from Echo Ecological and The Tin Can Studio have been trained to allow the program to grow in an effort to offer these free one day workshops to more elementary school students across the North Shore.

Three students from the BCIT Grant Writing Program have signed up to write grants to help fund this endeavor.

In a further effort to raise more funds for these projects there will be Mackay Creek Series/ Wild New Territories Book Launch at the CNV Public Library on March 22nd, 2017. Funds from both books are dedicated to art and science related environmental conservation education offered to youth such as the Coho ‘Discovery Day’ Workshops. A second larger event is being planned for the AFK Smith Gallery for May 2017. These events will include a small reception/ book signing with speakers from book contributors. Brian Riddell CEO of PSF has been invited to speak at these events as will the Coast Salish Community. I would also like to invite NSSK to participate with displays perhaps similar to the original Mackay Creek Series/ Wild Chance film presentation that was at the DNV Hall in 2010. 

Morten Hatchery (Doug Hayman) Brood stock fishing started Nov 11th to Nov 30th. 6200 eggs from 4 females. Also did a live spawn and Scott obtained over 1200 eggs, she was released afterward still full of eggs. 3 more females spawned, last one with a jack. Total caught was 10, 4 clipped, 6 unmarked.

-Trying to blend surface water with ground water and reducing it caused the water to freeze.  Mike, Wally and Glen all together thawed it and all is fine. Chum eggs are hatching now.

-We hosted a tour of children from Eastview Elementary School with Dolores, Zo Ann and Jan, showing them what a hatchery does and letting them see the fish in the trough and the eggs. We received a nice thank you note from the staff at the school.

-A “No Fishing” sign is needed at Twin Falls. Doug will try to get in touch with the ranger when the weather improves.

McCartney Creek (Glen Parker) A creek walk with Richard Boase and Tony Oaks of DNV was done November 25. Several items were addressed:

-A broken storm drain pipe that was causing erosion on the bank was identified. Richard dispatched DNV staff to repair.

-Several baffles in the Mt Seymour Hwy culvert were damaged (approx. 2 of 14). Richard has indicated he will have DNV staff repair the damaged baffles.

-A gate in the fence at the Dollarton Hwy was open and people and dogs could access the area of native species planting and pool installed by Tsleil Watauth Nation and BCIT. Richard arranged for gate to be locked.

-The idea of a viewing platform, to see chum spawning at the new pool below the Dollarton Rd culvert, was discussed with stakeholders (TWN, DNV, Wild Bird Trust, NSSK) and it was determined this should be considered as part of the Maplewood Development Plan and Trail System Plans. The viewing platform should be designed to limit access of the public to the spawning pools.

Mosquito Creek (Keegan Cassidy/Glen Parker)  ( NS Wetlands, DNV, DFO, NSSK) conducted creek walks on Dec 2 and Dec 14 to identify opportunities for enhancement.

-Chelsea Nerpio is applying for funding for a stormwater management project at William Griffin Park with input from DFO and NS Wetlands.

-Creek clean up day in planning stage.

Spawner Sightings for 2016 (not a full survey as I never entered the creek to count fish).

Mosquito – 7 Coho (3 in Griffin Channel), 9 Chum

Thain – 5 Coho

Fry & Smolt trapping scheduled for some time in March with Sandie

Creek walk with Al, Sandie, Glen, Chelsea, Ron & Myself showed an area with many smolts & fry on Thain Creek. Approx 50+!

Angela & the CNV have made significant changes to the Bewicke Park area on Mosquito Creek;

  • Put in fencing to keep out transient & general traffic from creek bed and riparian area.
  • Laid down fresh soil in preparation for native planting.
  • Cleaned up some of the transient garbage.
  • New Large Message Board

Treasurers Update: (Karen Munro) – Bank Balance January 10th: $9,050.86. Donations of $600.00 purchase of McKay Creek series books, $500.00 from Fluor Canada, and $500.00 from Port Metro. Education Fund balance: $1760.00



Date is March 18, 2017 at Lynn Valley Community Room. The objective of this workshop is to provide up to date information to participants on the topic and to support both NV City and District in their planning of the ISMP. There will be 2 speakers followed by breakout sessions to allow participants to be involved in the discussion. Please sign up on Eventbrite on

First Speaker: Kim Stephens

Kim is Executive Director of “Partnership for Water Sustainability of BC” and will talk on the newly released document “Sustainable Watershed Systems: Primer on Application of Ecosystem-based Understanding in the Georgia Basin”.

Second Speaker: Julie Wilson

Julie is with the Land and Water Systems department at UBC and is engaged in a program to promote the idea that an integrated understanding of land and water systems and their role in society is necessary to maintain ecological integrity. She will talk on case studies and tools on how to integrate performance targets for stormwater runoff into municipal planning processes. 

G3 Grain Terminal and Port Metro Vancouver – (Glen Parker)

Engagement with Port of Vancouver on Nov 17, 2016 and Jan 13, 2017 (Presentation available to post on website if required)

  1. Zo Ann, Barbara and Dolores presented to North Shore Waterfront Liaison Committee encouraging them to include stream enhancement as part of project plans.
  2. Zo Ann, Glen and Sandie presented to the PV Environmental Group to encourage them to include stream enhancement and conservation areas as part of environmental permits.
  3. Advised of project plan by BCIT students for Lynn Creek off channel habitat near old Scout camp. Have contacted Ken Ashley and Dave Harper for details. Budget $110,000 and grant applications underway.

G3 Terminal contacted NSSK to advise that the project would proceed and that they would soon set a date for a public meeting to explain the activities to be undertaken. NSSK has been encouraged by the Port of Vancouver to continue to engage directly with G3 to monitor the project and address any concerns. (Environmental Permit available to post on website if required)

Water and stream lessons for schools – (Dolores, Jan and Lisa) On November 22 we provided a field trip at the Morten Creek hatchery for a large group of grade 4 students from Eastview Elementary school.  We split the children into 3 groups and Jan, Zo Ann, Doug, Lisa and Dolores provided experiences and information at three different stations.  It was a cold and very rainy day and although the children had already been outside for two hours when they arrived at the hatchery, they were mostly engaged and interested.

On December 1, Jan, Lisa and Dolores led a small group of 7 -9 year olds from the Fresh Air Learning program on a tour of the Lower Seymour and spawning channels behind Maplewood farm.  There were lots of chum carcasses about and we even found a Coho carcass.  The children were remarkably enthusiastic and knowledgeable and enjoyed the activities.

Both groups are keen to come back for more activities at the hatchery and to help out in any way they can.

Habitat Signage – Rhiannon raised the issue of habitat signage on Hastings by Ross Rd. Signs were installed throughout the district about 20 years ago, but there are some that are missing, and many are dirty. We’ve checked along Hastings to Fromme at this point and there are signs missing at Hastings at Ross Rd., Coleman at Ross Rd., and Hastings at Mountain Hwy. The signs are a bit subtle. Would more obviously salmon habitat signs be useful? Discussion followed – Barbara to follow up with Angela at CNV and Tyler at DNV.

Rain Garden Proposal – No update

Construction Practice – We have added a webpage on our site with general information about best practices and information on who to contact in the City and the District. Response from both has been excellent.

Website Update – Work on updating the website is continuing. Barbara has added several pages to the “What you can do” section: raingardens, salmon friendly gardens, construction practice, how to volunteer, how to join. Next she would like to work on the “What we do” and include pages about projects such as the Community Art, Hunter Park Restoration, etc. Please send content and/or ideas.


NEXT MEETING – Wednesday, March 15th – 7:30 to 9:30 pm, District Hall, 355 West Queens Road, North Vancouver


A SPILL OF ANY TYPE Environment Canada – use EMBC number below

EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT B.C. – 1-800-663-3456

CITY OF NV – Operations Division 604-987-7155 (8 am – 4:30 pm Monday to Friday) or After-Hours Emergency Line 604-988-2212 (after 4:30pm, weekends & Holidays).

District of North Vancouver –  to respond to public concerns about construction practices and ESC concerns

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