North Shore Streamkeepers Meeting March 14, 2018

7:00 pm North Vancouver District Hall

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Present: Barbara Frisken (chair)
Regrets:  Karen Munro, Janet Dysart
Attendance: xx

Municipal Updates – District of North Vancouver (Richard Boase)

Citizen Science – Water Quality – Looking for people who would like to be trained to join this project. We are working to identify sites across DNV for water quality monitoring. Equipment is available at DNV to trained volunteers. Richard will circulate map and locations; please let Glen know if you are interested.

Municipal Updates – District of North Vancouver (Tyler Farley)

Due to mixup about meeting times, Tyler missed this meeting.

Municipal Updates – City of North Vancouver (Angela Negenman)

Evergreen Heywood Planting Event – Saturday March 24th from 9 am – 12 pm: Upper Heywood Park. This will be the first planting event of 2018. Meet Evergreen at 21st St. W and Hamilton Avenue (MAP) to plant native species in Upper Heywood Park. Invasive plants have been removed in previous events. Event goes ahead rain or shine, and everyone is welcome.

Earth Day & Rivers Day – CNV would like to invite NSSK to join the City and the City Park Stewards for Earth Day and Rivers Day

·         Earth Day on April 22, 12-3pm – planting event located at Eastview Park

·         Rivers Day Creek to Creek Festival on September 23, 12-4pm located at multiple stations along Mackay Creek and Mosquito Creek. Route to be confirmed.

Heywood Habitat Project – CNV is continuing to work on updating concept drawings for the Heywood Park Habitat Compensation Project. We would like to organize a meeting with the NSSK within the next few weeks. Signs will be created and posted in the park. With dedicated grant funding for 2018, this project is to be constructed later this year.

DFO Community Advisor updates (Sandie Hollick-Kenyon)

Eggs delivered to North Van Schools for the Salmonids in the Classroom Program on January 24

Old West Van Lab site is renamed to Pacific Science Enterprise Centre (PSEC), initiatives planned around this include research, education and community Science

Changes to the Fisheries Act announced early February, link below.

Burrard Inlet Water Quality meeting March 5, info on this initiative found at the link below.

Burrard Inlet Action Plan

Volunteer recognition event is Saturday afternoon / evening, June 23 at A Rocha in Surrey. More details to follow.

Pacific StreamkeepersFederation (Zo Ann Morten)

Streamkeepers training will be held in North Vancouver July 7-8 at the Lucas Centre. Please contact Zo Ann if you are interested. NSSK will pay half of the $50 fee for active members. Please contact Glen for reimbursement.

Member Updates

McCartney Creek (Glen Parker)

·         Meeting with Maplewood developers, Darwin/TWN about development along the creek. Key points made were the need for conservation area, not a trail, along the creek to keep the area fish friendly and that the development should consider getting Salmon Safe Certification

·         Next fish count June 2018

·         Replacement baffles for the Mt Seymour Parkway culvert are being prepared by DNV.

Morten Creek (Jan Lander)

30,000 pink salmon fry released into Lynn Creek Mar 13; chum will be released later this month

Hastings Creek (Doug Hayman)

Doug is officially retiring as coordinator for Hastings Creek. Haley Crozier and Jamie Martz will be taking over. Everybody offered Doug a warm thank you for all of his work on the creek. Smolt trapping planned for mid-April. Tim will continue monitoring the ladders and will keep them free of debris.

Friends of Hunter Park (Janet Dysart)

See Upcoming events below

Mosquito Creek (Keegan Cassidy)

Keegan shared information about the Salmon Safe program, an eco-certification program that links site development to the protection of agricultural and urban watersheds. For more information:

Planning to add woody structure to lower Mosquito and we are in the initial stages – estimating the gradient, and planning budget. Also hoping to add large woody debris to the Griffin Channel.

MacKay Creek (Brian Comey)

Chum are ponded. Chum release planned for March 29, 6:00 pm. Pinks are emerging.

Upper MacKay Creek (Ron Den Daas)

Lots of juveniles in the creek, no emerging fry yet. Knotweed is flourishing. Saw some shifting of the creek bed due to tree fall. Gravel erosion is increasing, with grey clay exposed in stream bed due to fast water events. Coho Discovery Day events in progress. Interpretive walk along MacKay Creek in progress.

Lower MacKay Creek (Tara Matthews of Eco-Logical)

Due to mixup about meeting times, Tara was not able to attend.

Treasurers Update: (Glen Parker)

·         Membership 42

·         2018 membership fees due (20 paid for 2018

·         Current Balance $13,363 with $4,145 in general use; $9,000 for Lynn Channel and remainder for education (see spreadsheet)

Other Updates

Seymour Salmonid Society (Glen Parker)

·         Pinks being released

·         Steelhead being spawned

·         Consultations with CNR to protect river during bridge work at estuary

·         Initial planning for wetland rehabilitation near estuary – Knot weed removal and culvert replacement

Keith Creek:

·         Plans to modify creek to be shared by MoTI with NSSK on Monday March 19 at 10:30 am at Bridgeman Park. If anyone wants to join the meeting let me know. Plan to integrate riffles/falls in the area between Mountain Hwy and Lynn, should be good area for spawning pinks and chum

Lynn Channel:

·         Water permit for in-stream work obtained thanks to DNV. Application for Change Approval and Notification (Changes In and About a Stream) – 100234386 (water permit)

·         Consulting engineers (NHC) completes detailed log jam plans and they have been reviewed by DFO

·         Grant application to Port of Vancouver for $10,000 submitted and approved

·         Other committed cash and in-kind work at about $20,000

·         Grant application to PSF for about $20,000 submitted and waiting for reply

·         Considering a grant application to EcoAction for $38,000 for a community art project. Submission deadline March 21, 2018

·         Instream work budget about $53,000 and if community art application successful total project budget about $91,000

Water Quality Monitoring

·         NSSK have 4 volunteers that have committed to 2 hours per month +/- to water monitoring. (Jessica Banning; Keegan Casidy; Roma Wilson; Rhiannon Coppin

·          Zo Ann also has committed to participating in collecting “grab samples”.

·         The volunteers shared their preferences and DNV will select locations for monitoring where citizen science can supplement their ongoing program

·         Additional training and the logistics details for the equipment to be being sorted out.

Habitat Restoration (Delores)
·         Habitat restoration events recently held in MacKay wetland, Maplewood, and Lynn Estuary. Thanks to all volunteers.

·         Reminder that Tyler and Meghan, DNV trail and habitat, will support habitat restoration including planting natives and removing invasives. They will bring equipment, plants, a truck to haul garbate, tent etc.

·         NSSK has developed a checklist for people interested in working on their local park – please contact us for a copy.

Construction Sites
·         Rhiannon has made a new map to show DNV building and trades permits. This allows you to find the address and building permits for sites that you are monitoring. Here is a link to the map.


May 16 – AGM

·         We need a new secretary, and there are spots open on the board. Please contact a board member if you are interested in serving.

NSSK 25th Anniversary

·         2018  will mark NSSK 25th anniversary

·         Thank you for your ideas, the Board will discuss ways to celebrate this occasion

Upcoming Events:

Saturday March 24 – Evergreen planting event in Heywood Park, 9-12

Saturday April 14 – Hunter Park: Regular weed pull

Sunday April 22 – Earth Day planting event in Eastview Park 12-3pm

Tuesday April 24 – Hunter Park:  Girl Guides weed pull event in late afternoon

Wednesday May 16 – NSSK Meeting and AGM

Saturday June 23 – Ugly Bug Ball

Sunday June 24 – Save Our Shores walk (~10-1pm)

July 7-8 – Streamkeeper Training, Lucas Centre

Sunday September 9 – Coho Festival ~11-6pm

Sunday September 23 – Rivers Day Creek to Creek Festival ~12-4pm

NEXT MEETING – Wednesday, May 16 – 7:00 to 9:00 pm, District Hall, 355 West Queens Road, North Vancouver


A SPILL OF ANY TYPE Environment Canada – use EMBC number belo

EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT B.C. – 1-800-663-3456

CITY OF NV – Operations Division 604-987-7155 (8 am – 4:30 pm Monday to Friday) or After-Hours Emergency Line 604-988-2212 (after 4:30pm, weekends & Holidays).

District of North Vancouver –  to respond to public concerns about construction practices and ESC concerns

    •   President:  Barbara Frisken, 604-985-9497,
    •   Secretary: Janet Dysart 604-983-3092
    •   North Shore Streamkeepers:
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  •   District Web Site: Information
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  •   Pacific Streamkeepers Federation: Zo Ann Morten 604-986-5059,
  •   DFO Advisor: Sandie Hollick-Kenyon 604-666-0743,
  •   Hastings Creek: Haley Crozier 778-997-1747,
  •   Lower MacKay Creek and North Shore Fish and Game Club incubation facility: Brian Comey
  •   Upper MacKay Creek:  Ron den Daas,
  •   McCartney Creek: Glen Parker 604-929-8450,
  •   Morten Creek:  ZoAnn Morten 604-986-5059,
  •   Seymour River: Sharee Dubowits, 604-288-0511; or
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